Doctoral theses and habilitation projects
at the Department of Urban and Spatial Sociology

Below is a summary of the dissertation and habilitation projects overseen by Prof. Dr. Sybille Frank, along with information on exchange formats for doctoral candidates and postdocs. For detailed information on each project, please refer to the individual researchers' pages and the research projects section of the Department of Urban and Spatial Sociology.

Ongoing projects (First supervisor)
Romeo Dipura, MPhil Water Infrastructures in South Africa between drought and flooding (Joint degree with the University Utrecht)
Franziska Nicolaisen, MA Heritage Tourism and the Materiality of Memories in Vietnam: Negotiating Identity across Time in Historical Urban Spaces
Andrea Protschky, M.Sc. Improvising Infrastructure: Infrastructure practices and social in- and exclusions of unhoused persons in Berlin.
Eline Punt, M.Sc. Seaports as nested infrastructure systems: Governing risks at the Port of Rotterdam (Joint degree with the University Utrecht)
Maria Stadler, MA Fraunhofer Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI) Karlsruhe: Urban spaces in transition(s) – An explorative analysis of new ways of doing, thinking, organising urban spaces in the course of sustainability transitions
Ongoing projects (Second supervision)
Claus Müller, Dipl.-Vw., MA Der Einfluss touristischer Nachfrage auf die soziale und kommerzielle Infrastruktur Berliner Wohnquartiere (TU Berlin)
Michèle Sauer, MA Funktionskrisen durch Regulierung. Kritikalität und Transformation netzgebundener Infrastrukturen in der Pandemie (TU Darmstadt)
Jona Schwerer, MA The publicness of spaces – On the social construction of public spaces

In addition to regular supervision in the form of individual discussions, there are also a number of internal exchange formats that serve to promote collegial, professional and interdisciplinary networking. These include:

  • The AG Interdisciplinary Urban Research lecture series
  • The Young Researchers Network Urban Studies (NUR) for doctoral students and post-docs, conducted in English and featuring associated formats, such as the DataLab and a reading group. Contact persons: Dr. Claudia Ba and Denis Haag, M.A.
  • Research colloquium for doctoral candidates with Prof. Dr. Sybille Frank
  • The Research Discussion Series for doctoral students and post-docs in English, organized by Dr. Dhara Patel
  • A weekly Team Lunch at the Department of Urban and Spatial Sociology