Prof. Dr. Sybille Frank ,
head of department

Welcome to the Department of Urban and Spatial Sociology at the Technical University of Darmstadt! Our department is distinguished by its innovative approach that merges urban sociological themes with the study of the contested production of spaces, a blend that is unique in Germany.

Picture: Claudia Ba

The Department

The Department of Urban and Spatial Sociology is dedicated to exploring the intricate relationship between society and (urban) spaces. We perceive built, planned and lived spaces as as socially constructed entities, continuously reshaped through human interaction. In our research and teaching, we examine social inequalities and power dynamics in spatial patterns, the contested interpretations of (urban) spaces and places and their transformative potential. As an integral part of the “Urban Research” initiative led by our department within Faculty 02 of TU Darmstadt and the university-wide Working Group on Interdisciplinary Urban Research , our approach is both highly interdisciplinary and international. Collaborating with other researchers from the fields of architecture, urban planning, history, political science, and real estate economics, we investigate spaces in their diverse local, regional, global and temporal as well as cultural, political, economic, and social contexts.